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Micro HD Video Camera with Audio

Micro HD Video Camera with Audio

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With our unique and simple-to-use Micro HD Video Camera, you now have a second set of eyes! The sleek design allows you to confirm any suspicions that you have at home or at work. Keep your loved ones safe and ahead of potential threats. Our camera is simple to operate on the go, making it an excellent choice for everyday use. 

Stay A Step Ahead

Say goodbye to paranoia; the Micro HD Video Camera will let you forget about it. The small size allows you to easily watch anything, from mischievous animals to prospective burglaries. You will be able to do everything without being discovered.

It has motion detection in addition to 24-hour coverage. To ensure that those crucial moments are captured.

The camera also employs motion detection to conserve memory, battery power, and storage space. Furthermore, you can overrule outdated recordings, eliminating the need to purchase additional storage space.

Capture HD Video In Day & Night

To adapt to changing environmental conditions, our self-contained camera can switch between day and night vision. Our camera can overcome all existing camera difficulties with automatic night vision, motion detection, and looped video.

We take great pride in being truly user-friendly. Particularly in comparison to our competitors' cameras, which might take hours to set up.

Our camera's sleek form and self-sufficient capabilities make it the most effective alternative for keeping everyone secure at home or even as a body cam.

 In The Box

  • 1x Micro HD Video Camera
  • Protected by a super soft, shatter-resistant cover



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