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Professional Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

Professional Pressure Washer Surface Cleaner

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Enhance the Appearance of Your Driveway

  • Make your driveway, patio, deck, or pavers the cleanest in the neighbourhood quickly and simply!
  • Just half the time you spend cleaning.
  • 4 times faster than with regular spray nozzles, attain higher quality.


The Greatest Time and Energy Saver

gives a 15" broad area a professional-grade cleaning using two rotating nozzles.
Ideal for clearing expansive areas like sidewalks, patios, decks and driveways
furthermore cleans vertical surfaces, such as siding on homes and garage doors.



In 3 Simple Steps, Transform That Honey-do Into Honey-done 4X Faster

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  • Use a ¼" fast plug to quickly and easily connect the surface cleaner to your pressure washer.



  • In just thirty minutes, make your outdoor space appear brand-new.



glides across, leaving a tidy, smooth finish



Quicker, cleaner, and splash-free

  • As you clean, the splash-proof skirt keeps you dry.
  • By maintaining the nozzles at a constant height above the surface, streaks are eliminated.
  • Restrict overspray to keep flowerbeds and walls safe.



Can My Pressure Washer Fit It?

  • Yes, gas power washers with a ¼" quick-connect fitting that can reach up to 3200 PSI can use it.
  • As low as 1800 PSI can be utilised with surface cleaning. Still, 2300–3200 PSI is the suggested pressure range.
  • Included are two 15-inch pressure washer wands.




  • 15 inches in diameter
  • Gas power washers with a ¼" quick-connect fitting are compatible.
  • Maximum operating pressure: 3200 PSI
  • RPM of rotation: 1500
  • Two 15-inch pressure washer wand extensions with a ¼" plug and ¼" quick-connect fitting
  • Material: robust stainless steel, heavy-duty brass, and long-lasting hard composite structure



Increases Your Property's Value

Maintaining the cleanliness of your property will increase its worth right away. You'll be astounded at the impact a new exterior can have.

Up to 10% more value could be added.




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