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UV Resistant Lifelike Artificial Boston Fern For Outdoors

UV Resistant Lifelike Artificial Boston Fern For Outdoors

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A few years back, I learned about Boston Ferns. Our house receives some morning and evening sun, although it is primarily shielded from the sun by the side and back of the building. With the flowers in my urns, I struggled the most. I would become angry when things died.



If you've experienced the same issue, Boston Ferns may be worth a try. They flourish and continue until the autumnal months.




include UV resistance, waterproofing (so you don't have to worry about it being removed in direct sunshine), and zero maintenance—no watering or pruning needed! Simple to setup and maintain.



Easy to maintain: Artificial flowers are weather-resistant and require no watering, soil, fertiliser, pruning, or any special care. Enjoy the outdoors whenever you want, and conserve water and time!



Eco-friendly material – lifelike artificial flowers: These artificial flowers appear nearly natural when left undisturbed. With genuine petal and leaf textures, every flower is as authentic as possible.



Certified Safe Material - Artificial lush green plants that never fade or fall, provide you with constant access to the spring sunshine. Natural and vibrant colours that are well-made, vivid and realistic-looking, non-toxic and harmless, 100% safe, and environmentally beneficial.



Full size and excellent quality- Ideal for décor: With 18 branches, this enormous artificial plant resembles a plump Boston Fern. It appears extremely huge and full since a single branch can grow up to 20.4 inches in length and up to 27.5 inches in horizontal extension. It is ideal for spaces like living rooms, workplaces, courtyards, etc.

Exquisite Décor: opulent-appearing synthetic flowers are ideal for any landscaping scheme or ornamental design. For homes, hotels, businesses, patios, gardens, Christmas, and other indoor and outdoor spaces, artificial greenery is ideal.




  • Material: UV stabilised polyethylene is used to make leaves, which makes them resistant to water and sunlight and year-round greenness.
  • The size of a bundle of eighteen Boston Ferns




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